• Strategy Lab

    Build and test trading solutions.

  • Liquidity Provision

    Making markets for exchanges.

  • Proprietary Trading

    Profit driven by technology.

About CCEurasia

Core Capital Eurasia (CCEurasia) is a Singapore based proprietary trading organisation with global operations. CCEurasia implements proprietary trading & market development strategies across the global financial markets with prudent fundamental and quantitative investment management principles. We equip our traders with the best technological tools, channeling the advances in computerised learning, processing power, network capacity into streamlining and improving all aspects of the trading operation from beginning to end.

CCEurasia is a group of the most talented traders, developers and capable engineers in the market, executing a diverse range of liquidity strategies across global equity and derivatives markets. We facilitate trading at an institutional level (Direct Market Access) boosted by algorithms on a robust trading platforms ensuring execution with ultra-low latency and no slippage. A comprehensive list of routing options fitting any strategy ranging from dark pools, rebate and market making is also offered.

Liquidity Provision

Making markets for exchanges around the globe all day and all night.

Proprietary Trading

Generating consistent returns with diversified high frequency low risk strategies.

The Executive

The CCEurasia board have over 50 years of industry experience.

Our Services

Proprietary trading occurs when a firm or bank invests for its own direct gain instead of earning commission by trading on behalf clients. Core Capital Eurasia algorithms has a competitive advantage that will enable us to earn excess returns.

We operating at the coalface of financial markets, our traders are responsible for monitoring risk, performing market making, and implementing algorithmic trading strategies.

Our proprietary trading wisely incorporates decisiveness, skepticism, and market intuition. With the highly skilled programmers on-board, our traders perform rigorous backtesting of the new ideas they generate.

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